Updated: Letters on national politics are good, actually

Mar 3, 2021
I write this letter in response to the one in last week’s Graphic headlined “Keep national political circus out of the paper.” Troy Emerson, the author of that letter, claims to have been “frustrated” that the editor of the Graphic went against his own “keep it local” guidelines when he printed a...

SMIF celebrates southern Minnesota entrepreneurialism

Mar 3, 2021
National Entrepreneurship Week takes place each year in late February. This is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the entrepreneurs that are such a vital part of our economy and communities here in southern Minnesota. At Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation (SMIF), we are excited to...

Poetry - Juxtaposition

Mar 3, 2021
One of my high school friends described me as “so logical’, I’ve always liked math and algebra, mysteries, and problem solving. In my jobs, I was guided by rules and statutes, best practices, and the like. I’ve never been a fan of sarcasm…literal is easy - it’s straight forward. I know what a...

Criminalizing mental illness hasn’t worked

Feb 24, 2021
Decades of failed mental health policies have placed law enforcement on the front line of mental illness crisis response and turned jails and prisons into the new asylums. Laws outdated treatment laws demanding a person become violent before intervention, the reduction of institutionalization,...

Grateful for chance to see dancers perform

Feb 24, 2021
My husband Colin and I attended the dance line performances of our granddaughters Mela and Jane Schmitz Feb. 16 Lincoln High School. This was organized by dance line coaches and helper Adam Schmimbeno for relatives that maybe had not before seen them perform before this evening. How great was...

Keep national political circus out of the paper

Feb 24, 2021
I just got caught up on reading the Jan. 28 issue of the Lake City Graphic. I was frustrated to see that you went against your own guidelines of “keep it local” and printed a national issue political letter to the editor from someone who doesn’t even live in the vicinity of Lake City. If I wanted...

Caring for pets in cold weather

Feb 10, 2021
The Hiawatha Aminal Humane Society doesn’t have a Pet of the Week for this week, so it’s sharing tips from Faunology to keep your pets safe in cold weather. 1. Provide Warm Shelter - Ideally, your pets should live the majority of their lives inside with you. It is most critical in the winter....

Direct support professionals deserve a living wage

Feb 10, 2021
What is a DSP? Direct support professional. Some other titles you may be more familiar with are nurse, job coach, family care provider, personal assistant, personal care assistant, and habilitation specialist. DSPs assist people with daily living and work activity. Depending on an individual’s...

Penny: Collaboration is the way forward

Jan 27, 2021
When I served in Congress, I was dedicated to representing my southern Minnesota district. I was not there to simply vote the party line; I did my best to take into consideration the differing political ideologies that existed at the time among my constituents. As a legislator, I made it a...

Fontem: Legislature should help fund life-saving cancer screenings

Jan 27, 2021
Editor’s note: Pam Fontem is a volunteer with the American Cancer Society’s Cancer Action Network. Cancer affects everyone but it doesn’t affect everyone equally. Over 4,600 Minnesota women will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year and around 140 will be diagnosed with cervical cancer. The...


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